Business Analyst/System Analyst (BA/SA) Interview Questions – Technical – Part 1

If you are aspiring to be a Business Analyst, you need to be aware of some technical business analyst interview questions that are very important from the point of view of a candidate applying for the post. 

When going for an interview after applying for a business analyst job you will be required to answer a few common business analyst interview questions. One of those business analyst interview questions might be to explain what is meant by a high level or low level use case diagram. A high level use case diagram is a broad view of any business process. By dividing a high level use case into several sub use cases then we get what is referred to as a low level use case.

Business Analyst/System Analyst (BA/SA) Interview Questions:

Very important and frequently asked Technical Business Analyst (BA) Interview Questions (Enterprise Analysis and Requirements Documentation):

1. What is the importance of flow chart?

2. What is a Use case Diagram?

3. What do you know about Activity Diagram

4. Define Collaboration Diagram

5. What is the Significance of using an Activity Diagram?

6. Difference between Use case diagrams, activity diagram, Collaboration diagram?

7. What is your understanding about an alternate flow in use case?

8. What is exception flow in a use case?

9. What are extends and includes within a use case?

10. What documents uses use cases?

11. What does a Business Analyst do, what are their Roles and responsibilities?

12. Common tools that a Business Analyst uses?

13. What are the deliverables (documents) of a Business Analyst (BA)?

14. What is use case diagram used for?

15. How do you normally gather Requirements from end user?

16. What is the difference between Business Analyst & System Analyst?

17. Can you tell me difference between Business Analyst and Business Analysis?

18. What are the difference between a functional requirement and a system requirement?

19. What does INVEST stands for?

20. Name the two documents related to a use case?

21. What is 8-omega?

22. What FMEA stands for?

23. Explain about Pugh Matrix?

24. Do you have any idea about 100-Point Method?

25. Define OLTP Systems?

26. Explain database transaction in your words?

27. Can you define Application Usability?

28. What are the steps required to develop a product from an idea?

29. What do you think is better, the waterfall Model or Spiral Model?

30. Define Saas?

31. What are Key areas of Kano Analysis?

32. What does JAD stands for?

33. Define Scrum Method?

34. Define Agile?

35. What do you mean by SWEBOK?

36. Explain GAP Analysis?

37. What are the Key Phases of business development?

38. What does PEST stand for?

39. Define Benchmarking

40. Define Mis-use case

41. Can you explain Pareto Analysis?

42. What does SQUARE stands for?

43. How do you manage frequently changing customer’s requirements while developing any system?

44. Can you explain about Agile Manifesto?

45. What does BPMN stands for? Explain BPMN

46. Name the five basic elements’ categories in BPMN

47. Have you ever used Kano Analysis in your previous jobs and how do you define it?

48. Define Pair-Choice Technique

49. How many types of actor can be there in a Use-Case?

50. Do you have suggestions to make an effective use-case model?

51. Differentiate between Fish Model and V Model

52. Define BCG Matrix

53. How can you differentiate between pool and swim lane?

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